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The Admiralty Board is one of the two major circles of power that make up the government of the Migrant Fleet, the mobile home of the quarian species. Made up of five members, former captains appointed to the position of admiral, the board has the power to override any decision made by the Conclave should they believe it to be detrimental to the quarians.


Much of the duty that lies in being an admiral is the political sway carried by their voices. Admirals are looked to as quarians worthy of trust and respect, whose opinions have weight within the community. As far as their official functions go, the admirals have two: oversight of a respective portion of the whole Migrant Fleet, and determining whether or not to overrule the Conclave.

Once they have chosen to override the decision, the entire Admiralty Board must resign their posts or be arrested by the quarian military. This rule is in place to ensure that the Admiralty overrides the Conclave only in the most dire situations, when the Conclave is making a mistake that threatens the survival of the quarians as a species. This policy has served the quarians well: in three centuries, the Admiralty Board has only overridden the Conclave four times.

Historical Admirals[]

Name Years Served Fleet Represented
Daro'Xen Unknown - Present Special Projects
Han'Gerrel Unknown - Present Heavy Fleet
Rael'Zorah Unknown - Present Special Projects
Shala'Raan Unknown - Present Patrol Fleet
Zaal'Koris Unknown - Present Civilian Fleet